Thursday, September 11, 2014

Project Boxes

Capability to design a custom size, with openings and mounting options exactly where you need them.  Initial test of a small VU meter projector shown below during printing....

Novelty and Toys

A small sailboat, a peg game, and a vacation souvenir.

Mechanical and Electromechanical

Here is a solenoid winding prototype, and a set of carbon brush holders for a custom slip ring type application.

Wireless Charging

Using 3D printed parts to align wireless charging coils as well as a means of attachment.  Designed for a marine application to keep a waterproof chartplotter charged.

Wine Glass and Bottle Charms

Fully customizable ...great for gifts and favors!

Promotional Items

Business cards, discount tokens, coasters ...just a few possible examples.


LED/light diffusion using translucent PLAs.  Lots of opportunities for creative applications!

Print-in-place Hinges

A functional hinge, perfect for light duty applications.  Also, boxes printed flat that can be folded with integrated hinges.

Brackets and Fixtures

Some simple designs for practical applications.  Motor mounts, vertical card mounts with countersunk mounting holes, a microphone clip mount, and a measurement tool.

Custom Guitar Picks

These are Fender style (same dimensions) triangular guitar picks.  Break a corner ...keep on playing!  These were customized with initials to personalize.  Various styles and colors of PLA.